US/Arthas/Elemental Shaman

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US/Arthas/Elemental Shaman

Postby Sanzi » Tue Jul 07, 2015 4:38 pm

1. Character name, class, and primary spec: Elemental

2. Your age and location: 31 Hubert, NC

3. Link your Armory profile:
(Please remember to log off in your PvE gear so we can make a serious evaluation of your armory profile.) ... i/advanced this is an alt reroll to play with a horde friend who recently came back.
My other shaman ... y/advanced ... z/advanced this link accounts for my 1 mythic hm kill lol. dont want u to think im fibbin

4. How did you hear about Standing in Fire? wowprogress

5. Describe your offspec gear sets. If you play any level 100 alts, link their Armory profile(s) here:
My offspec is Restoration. I primarily look for mastery,multi, and crit when picking up pieces for it.
6. Describe your previous raiding experience. Include experience in classic WoW, TBC, WotLK, Cataclysm, MoP, and WoD and list significant hard-mode achievements you have completed. If you have any logs available (wmo, wws, wol, wcl) link them here:
I started playing mid BC and I didn't start raiding until WOTLK. So here we go: 15/15 Nax Normal, OS normal, EoE, normal Ulduar 13/14 Normal, ToC 5/5 Normal 3/5 Heroic, ICC 12/12N 10/12 Heroic, BD 6/6 Normal, BoT 4/4 Normal 1/4 Heroic, ToFW 2/2 Normal, FL 7/7 Normal 3/7 Heroic, DS 8/8 Normal 3/8 Heroic, MSV 6/6 Normal 3/6 Heroic, HoF 6/6 Normal 1/6Heroic, ToES 4/4 Normal, ToT 12/12 Normal 11/13 Heroic, SoO 14/14 Normal 10/14 Heroic, HM 7/7 Norm 7/7 Heroic, 1/7 Mythic, BRF 10/10 Normal and Heroic 6/10 Mythic, HFC 6/13 Normal

If you are wondering why the down time and lack there of Hardmode raiding was due to me serving in the United States Marine Corp for 10+ years. Therefore I had to miss progression nights due to training or deployments etc.. However I am out now and I play all the time.

7. List your usual play times. Can you maintain 90% attendance? I am on usually from 8 am until I get bored and play HoTS.

8. List all other guild(s) you have been in and briefly detail why you left: I would not say I left my last guild. I good friend who got me started playing came back. So I stepped down to play with him and help him gear up some on Arthas. I gotta say I miss being Horde.

9. Why do you want to join Standing in Fire? I want to be in a relaxed in nature in guild but yet still focused on progression and getting new bosses down throughout the raid week.

10. List any friends, acquaintances, or references who are currently members of SiF: N/A

11. Do you have Ventrillo, a working mic, and a reliable internet connection? I have ventrillo, mumble, teamspeak, raid call etc However I did break my mic 2 days ago waiting on new one to get here. Cord just snapped wife bitchin cause i wanna spend 1yd on a mic lol that will last more than a few months.

12. Which do you use: DeadlyBossMods, BigWigs, or Deus Vox? I use DBM

13. Is English your primary language? If not, what other languages do you speak? I speak Engrish

14. Would you rather be a stalactite or a stalagmite? Man I have been out of school for years I couldnt tell you the difference. But since they are rock structures I down for either one keep in long and hard for dah wifey :D

15. Tell us something about yourself. Lets see Im 31. I am pretty silent unless I need to say something. I have 2 1/2 kids 2 grils 4 and 1. A pure Chocolate Lab that chews the shit out of everything. I served 10 years in the military was medically retired. So that means Im unemployed with lots of time for WoW and PORN gotta love porn. Porn has gotten me through a many a deployments!

16. Repeat your answer to question 15, but talk like a pirate. Argh!!! Me name be Ryan ARgh and I like gunz. I have 2 little deck swabberz runnin around me ship . Sometimes I make em walk da plank for shitz and gigglez. I tried im done lol

17. Post a screen shot of your UI in a raid setting. Display your FPS and ping mouseover in the shot.
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Re: US/Arthas/Elemental Shaman

Postby Padwar » Wed Jul 08, 2015 12:41 am

Looks good! Shoot one of us a tell in-game: Padwar, Tanlia, Fayia, or Necronom.
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Re: US/Arthas/Elemental Shaman

Postby Padwar » Wed Jul 08, 2015 8:49 pm

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Re: US/Arthas/Elemental Shaman

Postby Bombni » Fri Jul 10, 2015 1:04 am

lolol You're funny , look forward to chit chating with you as we're both Shamans. And some healthy competition !

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