Application - Trixsen - Healer

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Application - Trixsen - Healer

Postby Trixsen » Fri Oct 24, 2014 1:10 am

1. Character name, class, and primary spec:
Trixsen - Priest - Disc

2. Your age and location:
24 / Indiana

3. Link your Armory profile: ... sen/simple

4. How did you hear about Standing in Fire?
Arthas Realm Forums

5. Describe your offspec gear sets. If you play any level 90 alts, link their Armory profile(s) here:
I currently have a very minimal shadow off-spec set. Overall I prefer healing and have a 90 of each healing class.

6. Describe in detail your previous raiding experience. Include any experience in classic WoW, TBC, WotLK, and Cataclysm, and list significant hard-mode achievements you have completed. If you have any logs available (wmo, wws, wol) link them here:

Vanilla: ZG - Full Clear, MC- Full Clear, BWL- Full Clear, AQ20/40 - Full Clear, Ony, Naxx - Death Knight wing
BC: Kara - Full Clear, Gruul, Mag, SCC - Full Clear , Black Temple - Full Clear, ZA - Full Clear, Mount Hyjal - Full Clear
WoTLK - ICC - Full
Cata - Blackwing Descent - Full Clear, Bastion of Twilight - Full Clear, Throne of the Four Winds - Full Clear
Mists - SoO - Full Clear

All of the above is content cleared while it was still current. There was a period of time inbetween Cata and Mists where I was not playing.

7. List your usual play times. Can you maintain 90% attendance? Frequently play, mostly during the nighttime hours. Raid times would not be an issue.

8. List all other guild(s) you have been in and briefly detail why you left:
Grovestreet (Frostmane) , TRx (Frostmane) , SCIENCE (Hakkar)
Quit the above guilds for various reasons such as members becoming inactive, guild disbanding, or myself stopped playing.

9. Why do you want to join Standing in Fire?
Looking for a solid group of raiders to consistently progress with

10. List any friends, acquaintances, or references who are currently members of SiF:

11. Do you have Ventrillo, a working mic, and a reliable internet connection?
Yes to all

12. Which do you use: DeadlyBossMods, BigWigs, or Deus Vox?
Deadly Boss Mods

13. Is English your primary language? If not, what other languages do you speak?
English is primary.

14. Would you rather be a stalactite or a stalagmite?
Stalagmite, would rather be rising than falling.

15. Tell us something about yourself.
I've been raiding since vanilla and won't play anything but healing classes.

16. Repeat your answer to question 15, but talk like a pirate.

17. Post a screen shot of your UI in a raid setting. Display your FPS and ping mouseover in the shot.
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Re: Application - Trixsen - Healer

Postby Tanlia » Fri Oct 24, 2014 7:32 am

Let's talk tonight. I am usually on sometime after 7 server.


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