MeteorRose - Combat Rogue

Applications that have been accepted/denied.
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MeteorRose - Combat Rogue

Postby MeteorRose » Wed Feb 22, 2012 9:02 pm

1. Character name, class, and primary spec:
MeteorRose, Rogue, Combat
2. Your age and location:
[color=#bf40040]24, Tn[/color]
3. Link your Armory profile:
4. How did you hear about Standing in Fire?
I've been friends with Kirael/Stasis for a long time, and he joined BAD on Demon Soul. In short word of mouth.
5. Describe your off spec gear sets. If you play any level 85 alts, link their Armory profile(s) here:
Offspec is for soloing.
Helltonic Death Knight tank Main Spec/Frost dps
Zecora Mage Arcane Main spec
Metrosexuäl Warrior Arms Main spec/ Prot offspec, cant tanks worth a shit and have no gear for it.
6. Describe in detail your previous raiding experience. Include any experience in classic WoW, TBC, WotLK, and Cataclysm, and list significant hard-mode achievements you have completed. If you have any logs available (wmo, wws, wol) link them here:
I tanked end game Wrath (ICC) on my paladin, when I was in A Deadly Reminder that's about it as far as progression.
7. List your usual play times. Can you maintain 90% attendance?
all day everyday
8. List all other guild(s) you have been in and briefly detail why you left:
Was in A Deadly Reminder on Demon Soul, gave notice of changing my main from my paladin to my Death Knight and then got kicked for never playing my paladin(guild master didn't like me.)
Divine Right Demon Soul and Arthas; always been there always will on my alts.

9. Why do you want to join Standing in Fire?
I want to get the legendary daggers and do some real raiding.
10. List any friends, acquaintances, or references who are currently members of SiF:
11. Do you have Ventrillo, a working mic, and a reliable internet connection?
Yes to all.
12. Which do you use: DeadlyBossMods, BigWigs, or Deus Vox?
DBM but I can change to whatever is preferred by the guild
13. Is English your primary language? If not, what other languages do you speak?
English is my primary language, but i recently discovered works miracles when trying to communicate with a Portuguese pug.
14. Would you rather be a stalactite or a stalagmite?
Are we talking about cave formations in a specific place or just in general? If its just in general Id rather be on top.
15. Tell us something about yourself.
I enjoy long walks on the beach in Southshore.
16. Repeat your answer to question 15, but talk like a pirate.
ARR, me fancy strolls on the beach in Southshore.
17. Post a screen shot of your UI in a raid setting. Display your FPS and ping mouseover in the shot.
will edit it in shortly
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Re: MeteorRose - Combat Rogue

Postby Padwar » Thu Feb 23, 2012 11:59 am

The blue text, it burns mine eyes!
Let's chat in-game.
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Re: MeteorRose - Combat Rogue

Postby MeteorRose » Thu Feb 23, 2012 2:48 pm

Sorry, fix'd it.
It didn't look too bad on my screen but my monitor was set for documents so it was a bit brighter
but yeah just hit me up in game when you get a chance.

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