Epichaven level 80 warrior

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Epichaven level 80 warrior

Postby EpicHaven » Sat Apr 03, 2010 3:36 am

1. My Character in game is Epichaven. I am a level 80 warrior that is currently fury specced. However, I am willing to respec for the guild. I do possess a tank set if tanking is the role I must fill.

2. I am twenty one years old and live in British Columbia, Canada.

3. http://www.wowarmory.com/character-shee ... =Epichaven

4. My current offspec is arms. This is because I pvp during the off nights when I don't raid. However, as I have stated, I am willing to tank if I am needed to.

5. I do not play any other level 80 alts. I prefer to dedicate my time into one character.

6. Just before the release of Ulduar I had stopped playing for a while in order to concentrate on my internship. However, previous to my absence from the game, I have lead my own guild through naxx. In Burning Crusade, although not on my warrior, I was an officer in a guild that ran SSC, BT and Hyjal; This guild was known as Shatter in Aegwynn. In Vanilla, I was also in a guild that focused on doing server firsts. This guild was known as SSDD in aegwynn as well. On a side note, our guild was also the one who opened AQ gates for the server; Strifer was the tank who got the black aq mount.

7. I am able to play everyday. After reading your raid times, I am certain I can make 95% raid attendance.

8. I was in SSDD in Aegwynn. This guild disbanded because many of the players felt burning crusade wasn't worth the time. Another guild I was in was Shatter, also in Aegywnn. I left this guild to transfer to Drak'thul in order to play with my cousin. I started the guild NOVA in Drak'thul which later disbanded due to the fact I needed to leave. After I came back, I left Drak'thul and went to demon soul.

9. I want to join BAD because I want to be part of the top elite group. I feel that I am able to contribute positively with my experience and that BAD, can in turn, help me experience the end game content.

10. I currently have no friends nor acquaintances in BAD.

11. I have Ventrilo and a working mic. I also have a reliable internet connection.

12. No. However, that is not to say I don't talk at all.

13. English is my first and primary language.

14. I would prefer to be a stalagmite.

15. I am a very goal oriented person. I do not like quitting nor do I like failure. Due to this, I will always bring my A game by preparing for every single encounter. I also very helpful as I have no problem helping those who need my help.

16. Me sees the completion of my goals as the greatest treasure yarr! Me don't like to stop nor do I like lose! Me assure you I will do everything in my power to achieve that matey! If yar ever need my assistance, you just call ol' Epichaven!

17. Image

i can't seem to get the screenshot up so here is the link to the page where you can see it http://firehaven.deviantart.com/art/Scr ... -159361587

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