fitemebruv [Healer] [Priest] [WoD]

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fitemebruv [Healer] [Priest] [WoD]

Postby Pumpinz » Sun Nov 16, 2014 4:24 pm

1. Character name, class, and primary spec:


2. Your age and location:

22, Utah, USA

3. Link your Armory profile: ... ruv/simple

4. How did you hear about Standing in Fire?

Arthas realm forums

5. Describe your offspec gear sets. If you play any level 90 alts, link their Armory profile(s) here:

No offspec gear sets as of yet but I do plan on having a shadow offset. I'm still undecided on what alt I want to level but I'm leaning towards rogue.

6. Describe in detail your previous raiding experience. Include any experience in classic WoW, TBC, WotLK, and Cataclysm, and list significant hard-mode achievements you have completed. If you have any logs available (wmo, wws, wol) link them here:

I started raiding in WOTLK with the guild We Don't Like You Either on the realm Detheroc. We cleared Naxx the week it came out and then got the realm 3rd kill on Yogg-Saron before the guild disbanded. In Mop I raided Tot with the guild Ultimate on Sargeras.

7. List your usual play times. Can you maintain 90% attendance?

Weekdays after 5pm MST and Weekends. 90% attendance will be no problem for me to make.

8. List all other guild(s) you have been in and briefly detail why you left:

Detheroc - All that remains: it was a pvp guild and I left to join We Don't Like You Either
Detheroc - We Don't Like You Either: The guild disbanded
Saergeras - Ultimate : The guild was unable to fill a raiding roster

9. Why do you want to join Standing in Fire?

Because it's been around for a long time and guilds falling apart has always been the cause of me to not continue raiding. Also the raid times fit my schedule well.

10. List any friends, acquaintances, or references who are currently members of SiF:

I don't know anyone in Standing in Fire but I'm applying with my buddy Blimeyharry

11. Do you have Ventrillo, a working mic, and a reliable internet connection?

Yes to all

12. Which do you use: DeadlyBossMods, BigWigs, or Deus Vox?

DBM but I have no allegiance

13. Is English your primary language? If not, what other languages do you speak?


14. Would you rather be a stalactite or a stalagmite?

Stalagmite every time

15. Tell us something about yourself.

I'm a software engineer for BAE systems. Outside of wow I like to ski and weight train. I've been playing wow since vanilla but have mostly been doing just PVP and arenas.

16. Repeat your answer to question 15, but talk like a pirate.

arrghh you hwat matey's? I be liken to lift heavy tings and slide down mountains.

17. Post a screen shot of your UI in a raid setting. Display your FPS and ping mouseover in the shot.

I use a pretty default UI and have different settings for my raid grid depending on the size of the raid.
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Re: fitemebruv [Healer] [Priest] [WoD]

Postby Padwar » Sun Nov 16, 2014 6:45 pm

Hi Fitemebruv. I would like to chat further with you and your friend Blimeyharry about your applications. If I am unavailable you may also look up Tanlia, Valkyrion, or Fayia.
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Re: fitemebruv [Healer] [Priest] [WoD]

Postby Fayia » Sun Nov 16, 2014 7:24 pm

Accepted and invited

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